[Gate-users] Dose calculation/GPU

Ani Ka anika-w at hotmail.de
Wed Sep 5 09:25:55 CEST 2018

Dear GATERs,

I'm new to GATE and would be thankful for any help..

For my Simulation I need to use an Ir-192 source of 370GBq. In my code I am using the dose actor to find the dose deposition. The Simulation would take very long on the PC I am using.

I have read in a thread that it is possible to run the simulation using less particles and then calculating the actual dose. How can one do that? This was left unanswered..

Otherwise, is there a possibility to run this on a GPU? In the Manual I have only found examples for this regarding PET, CT and optical applications.. The  TLEDoseActor and SETLEDoseActor aren't right for this situation.

In any case, I need to reduce the calculating time..

Best regards and again, thank you


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