[Gate-users] Rotation of Phase space

Mery MB mery.mb.mph at gmail.com
Fri Mar 16 10:36:50 CET 2018

Hi Dear Gate-users

I am trying to simulate some radiation therapy plans (Breast Cancer) with
The same as real machine and plans, I put all part of linac inside a volume
with the name of Gantry inside the world. with rotation of Gantry the other
part of linac will be rotate. I defined a rotated source  based on the
rotation of Gantry too.

I defined a phase space inside the Ganty volume which be rotate too. in the
first part of the program, particle will be store in that phase space with
IAEA format...

The problem is, when I read the phase space in the second program, particle
enter the space from every where!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
For example if I have 100 particle in phase space, when i run the second
program for 150, the extra particle come from different parts!!!!!!!!!
I attached the screen shot of my viewer for make it more clear...

I used the above line for make my phase space as a source.., the third line
was made as a comment because my phase space is not a daughter of world..
but I did not see any difference if it not be a comment too...

# Gamma beam
/gate/source/addSource     mysource     phaseSpace

I wonder if someone have any experience about this issue? I will be thank
full if some one can help me to solve my problem..

King Regards
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