[Gate-users] How to simulate Voxelized Phantom in GATE

Rukiah katoshka_7880 at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 30 03:47:57 CEST 2018

Hi GATE users,I have a problem to simulate voxelized phantom in GATE but I get an error  'GateMaterialDatabase could not find the definition for material 0 in material files'.  For your information, I'm using VGate 7.2 and using an Analyze 7.5 image format (.hdr +.img). The Analyze image was converted from .dcm using imageJ.  I have followed the user guide instruction to define the material in the voxelized phantom in the RangeAttenuation.dat document. My definition is as follows:
40 0 Air1 1 Lung2 2 Water3 3 RibBone
The error seems cannot detect the material Air in my GateMaterials.db, which in fact it is already defined. I also tried using different data formats such as uint16 and 'double' in .dcm, then convert the image to Analyze75 using imageJ but the error still exists. Another thing I tried is using interfile image format, which is converted using AMIDE, but it changes the data type into ' short float' instead of uint16 or double, with the same error of  'GateMaterialDatabase could not find the definition for material 0 in material files', exists.

I wish someone could help me to solve this problem. Thank you.


Rukiah A LatiffPhD studentThe University of Sydney
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