[Gate-users] Fwd: Physic list for neutron scattering in Gate

Mery MB mery.mb.mph at gmail.com
Thu Jul 12 20:45:02 CEST 2018

Hi Dear Gate User

I want to calculate Neutron (Fast, Thermal and epithermal) in linac after
Jaws and after 1 cm of Polyethylene.
I used the line below for my calculation in physic list beside the standard
physics, But based on my results it doses not track the thermal and
scattering neutron due to the moderator (polyethylene)!!!!

/gate/physics/addPhysicList QGSP_BIC_HP_EMY

I check in Geant4 physic list, I found that for tracking thermal neutron I
should add it manually based on the element and i should use the below
physic list But I do not know how to active it in Gate
I attached a pdf file that it shown how to do it in Geant4.... Maybe I
should add it to its physics in source file....

I wonder if someone can help me in this issue? I will be thankful

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