[Gate-users] Random Walk in GATE

Aashish Chandra Gupta aashishchandragupta at gmail.com
Mon Jan 22 23:41:08 CET 2018

Dear GATE Community,

I am writing this message to request GATE community to provide information
about how to simulation the *random walk of a geometry* in GATE. I am
working on the simulation of Radiosynoviorthesis in which I need to
simulate the random walk of a spherical geometry (diameter = 6 microns).
Previously, I was able to simulate the movement of spherical geometry in a
(-z-direction) using following command: -

/gate/name/translation/setSpeed 0 0 -x mm/s

However, I did not find any information regarding random motion in GATE
v8.0 manual. If you can guide me on this then it will be greatly
appreciated. My understanding is Geant4 can not simulate motion in the
simulation, and there is a layer in Gate (or c++ files) which simulates the
motion in the simulation and communicates with Gaent4. Please correct me if
I am wrong. If I can find the code (or function) that deals with the
movement, then it will greatly help me.

Please let me know if I need to provide any additional information. The
help will be greatly appreciated!


Aashish Chandra Gupta

Undergraduate Student in the Department of Physics and Astronomy

Texas Tech University, Lubbock, TX USA
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