[Gate-users] Usage of Forbid command in defining cold area

Kajal Aggarwal kajal792 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 15 10:03:36 CET 2018

Hello Parisa,

Thank you for your response.
The name of the region is same everywhere (you can find the phantom and the
source part of my macro below), however, this issue (concerning the name of
the region) disappears when I use "/gate/run/initialize" command before
defining the source part. I do not get the error message any more about the
name of the regions, instead the regions are accepted as forbidden regions,
as shown in the following commands:

*"Confirming activity forbidden in volume 'coldArea_phys'...*
*Volume coldArea_phys exists*
*Activity forbidden in volume 'coldArea_phys' confirmed*

*Confirming activity forbidden in volume 'coldArea_1_phys'...*
*Volume coldArea_1_phys exists*
*Activity forbidden in volume 'coldArea_1_phys' confirmed"*

But then it leads to empty output root files. Can anyone tell me where I am
going wrong or any suggestions on how can I get rid of this issue?


/gate/world/daughters/name                         phantom
/gate/world/daughters/insert                         cylinder
/gate/phantom/vis/setColor                          grey
/gate/phantom/geometry/setRmin                 0.0 mm
/gate/phantom/geometry/setRmax                20.0 mm
/gate/phantom/geometry/setHeight               2.3 mm
/gate/phantom/placement/setTranslation       0.0 0.0 0.0 mm
/gate/phantom/setMaterial                            Water

/gate/world/daughters/name                          coldArea
/gate/world/daughters/insert                          cylinder
/gate/coldArea/vis/setColor                           green
/gate/coldArea/geometry/setRmin                  0.0 mm
/gate/coldArea/geometry/setRmax                 2.0 mm
/gate/coldArea/geometry/setHeight                2.3 mm
/gate/coldArea/placement/setTranslation       -10.0 0.0 0.0 mm
/gate/coldArea/setMaterial                            Water

/gate/world/daughters/name                           coldArea_1
/gate/world/daughters/insert                           cylinder
/gate/coldArea_1/vis/setColor                         green
/gate/coldArea_1/geometry/setRmin                0.0 mm
/gate/coldArea_1/geometry/setRmax               2.5 mm
/gate/coldArea_1/geometry/setHeight              2.3 mm
/gate/coldArea_1/placement/setTranslation      14.0 0.0 0.0 mm
/gate/coldArea_1/setMaterial                           Water




/gate/source/addSource                              twogamma
/gate/source/twogamma/setActivity             2000000. becquerel
/gate/source/twogamma/setType                 backtoback
/gate/source/twogamma/gps/particle            gamma
/gate/source/twogamma/gps/energytype       Mono
/gate/source/twogamma/gps/monoenergy     0.511 MeV
/gate/source/twogamma/gps/centre              0.0 0.0 0.0 mm

/gate/source/twogamma/gps/type                 Volume

/gate/source/twogamma/gps/shape              Cylinder
/gate/source/twogamma/gps/radius              20. mm
/gate/source/twogamma/gps/halfz                1.15 mm

/gate/source/twogamma/gps/angtype           iso
/gate/source/twogamma/gps/Forbid             coldArea
/gate/source/twogamma/gps/Forbid             coldArea_1

/gate/source/twogamma/dump                     2

Thank you.


On Wed, Feb 14, 2018 at 3:09 PM, Parisa Khateri <parisa.khateri at cern.ch>

> Hi Kajal,
> You do it correctly. I think the problem is that you don't write the name
> of area completely.
> Try this:
> /gate/source/NAME/gps/Forbid coldArea_phys
> Cheers,
> Parisa
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> Hello everyone,
> I am trying to define a cold area inside a phantom. However, when I use
> the Forbid command
> "/gate/source/NAME/gps/Forbid coldArea"
> I get an error message **** Error: Volume does not exist ****
> Ignoring forbid condition for volume 'coldArea_phys'
> If I write the command "/gate/run/initialize" before the source part, I do
> not get the above error, but the output root file remains empty.
> Does anyone knows how can I define the cold source using forbid command?
> --
> Thanking you.
> Yours sincerely,
> Kajal Aggarwal

Thanking you.

Yours sincerely,
Kajal Aggarwal
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