[Gate-users] Forbid command, activity distribution

Philip Kalaitzidis kalaitzidis.philip at gmail.com
Tue Dec 18 11:21:45 CET 2018

Dear GATE-community,

I have a rather simple question that I could not find the answer in neither
the mailing-list nor the documentation.

Consider the case where I create a box with arbitrary dimensions, and I
create a volume gps source with the same dimensions as the box and assign
the source an activity of say 1 MBq. If I then would create a daughter
inside my box and utilize the forbid command on that daughter, would the
activity of 1 MBq now be distributed over a smaller volume of the mother
box (i.e. Volume_mother - Volume_daughter) resulting in a higher activity
concentration, or would the same activity concentration as in the case
where no forbid command were utilized apply (i.e. same activity
concentration over a smaller volume)?

Best regards,
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