[Gate-users] 4D CT imaging DICOM

David Boersma david.boersma at acmit.at
Sat Dec 15 20:09:02 CET 2018

Dear Zahra Chemingui,

That is a very broad question! It would be helpful if you could specify (in a few words) what the goal of your study is.

I can tell you two things:

(1) If you just want to work with the phase images one by one, then do the following: install VV (I think that this is available in vGate; installing it yourself is a bit of work, but with some patience you can work it out: https://www.creatis.insa-lyon.fr/rio/vv). In VV you can select a DICOM directory, and you can select the CT image corresponding to each of the breathing phases, and save those images as an "MHD" file. These images you can then use just like you use a static/3D CT image, as illustrated in GateContrib/dosimetry/dosimetry/protontherapy/mac/main.mac.

(2) If you really want to perform a 4D simulation of proton treatment, then you are on experimental territory, and there are quite a few parameters to consider. Are you studying a plan with free breathing, gating, repainting, etc? What kind of information do you have about the time structure of the treatment delivery? (E.g.: log files?)

Hope that helps, good luck!
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Dear users,

I need help about integrating 4D data imaging in Gate to simulate a proton treatment.
Any help please??


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