[Gate-users] Issue with PhaseSpace actor and LocalTime

jbaran jbaran at ifj.edu.pl
Thu Aug 23 00:10:24 CEST 2018

Dear Gate Users,

I am currently working on the proton radiotherapy and looking at the 
produced secondaries (e+ and gammas) within the irradiated phantom. I 
use Gate ver.8.1 and set up the PhaseSpace actor to found the LocalTime 
of secondaries gammas and e+. To do that I disabled GlobalTime and 
enabled LocalTime (I found in the source code there is an option to 
store only either local or global time). The problem I found is that the 
resulted root file from the all entries has LocalTime value equal 0. 
LocalTime is a Float_t variable in my code.

My impression is that LocalTime will inform me about the time of 
annihilation gammas production (or prompt gammas deexcitation) counting 
from the the time when primary proton starts.

Am I missing something. Yours' help is very welcome.

Many thanks in advance.

Best regards,

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