[Gate-users] monoenergetic electrons source for dosimetry?

Ashok Tiwari tiwarias at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 14 21:05:22 CEST 2018


I am trying to simulate the monoenergetic electrons in the water phantom. Following macro is what I am using as a definition of monoenergetic electrons source:

/gate/source/addSource monoenergetic_electron                   gps
/gate/source/monoenergetic_electron/gps/particle                e-
/gate/source/monoenergetic_electron/gps/energytype              Mono
/gate/source/monoenergetic_electron/gps/monoenergy              0.015 eV
/gate/source/monoenergetic_electron/gps/angtype                 iso
/gate/source/monoenergetic_electron/gps/centre                  0. 0. 0. mm
/gate/source/monoenergetic_electron/gps/type                    Point
/gate/source/monoenergetic_electron/attachTo                    my_phantom
/gate/source/monoenergetic_electron/visualize                   1000 yellow 10

With this definition, I am getting all zeros in my dose matrix. Could anyone tell me, what information I am missing in above definition?


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