[Gate-users] Use phase space when Source is not in routine angle

Mery MB mery.mb.mph at gmail.com
Wed Apr 11 10:18:16 CEST 2018

Dear Gate User

I simulated a breast radiation therapy plan. As we know in breast radiation
therapy, treatment is done in with two tangential field ( rotation of
Gantry is around 170 degree for lateral and 298 for medial).
I simulated all the condition of treatment (rotation of Gantry, collimator,
source ) and it work properly when it is run in one step from source to
phantom ( I get fluence on the way of radiation and the result was good).

I have to run more particles to reduce the error in Phantom voxel so I run
the program in two steps. In the first program I get the phase space after
Flattening filter and used the phase space as a source in the second
The problem is: when I use the phase space in the second program. particles
come from different part of space (mess of particles) and do not have its
regular characteristic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I used the below script to use phase space as a source:

# Gamma beam
/gate/source/addSource     mysource     phaseSpace

When I comment  two below lines the disorganization (mess) of particle is
reduced but it do not omit completely.


I repeat this programs with two type of phase space (IAEA and root), and
saw the same problem.
Is there anyone had the same problem before? or know how can I solve this
I will be thankful if someone help me .

Best Regards
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