[Gate-users] implementing MOBY into GATE

Límbano Iván López Coello vancoello at gmail.com
Tue Oct 24 04:24:41 CEST 2017

Hello  all
 My name is Iván, I am quite new in this area my final proyect consist in a
few experiments using different sizes of MOBY and 67Ga, but I am stuck in
how import succesfully the MOBY into GATE

I have a few questions I hope you can help me:

1.- I have checked the forums for this question, but it is still not clear
for me, I have created a phantom with the MOBY software, it gave me two

Act.bin and Atn.bin, I see that I need to convert them to a 16 bit inter
file, but I am using ImageJ to perform the conversion, my steps were:

Import the file then  edit>options>conversions: uncheck scale when
converting then I changed the image type to 16 bit and finally save it as a

I would like to know if that is ok or Do I need to use another software?

2.- I have checked that after the conversion to 16 bit I need to convert
again to a i33 with a header h33 with a xmedcon software, I am using Ubuntu
16.04 and I am getting issues during installations of this xmedcon about
JAVA JDK 8, so I am not able to perform this conversion yet , I was
checking that there is a windows version that I will try to install but in
the mean time I would like to know if there is another way to perform the
conversion and get my images with a header?

3.- I was trying to do the example that is in GATE webpage that is named
pre-clinical dosimetry that has a voxelized mouse phantom, I ran it and
looks that it worked but when I enabled the visual mac I can not see the
phantom, for now I just want to see a voxelized phantom by just running
the visual mac.. I checked the data folder and I see that the header is in
a .iff file and the images are in a .img file. How can I run just the
visual mac and see the mouse phantom?

Thank you
Best Regards from México
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