[Gate-users] Problem in modeling a trapezoid

zeinab TELIKANI telikani_z at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 4 23:01:08 CEST 2017

Hi GATE users
I have modeled a trapezoid as the collimator in my SPECTsimulation.Everything seems to be right, but, I have faced an unexpectedproblem: an extra volume existsinside the trapezoid (as shown in attached figure).Hereare the commands used to define aforementioned trapezoid:

# Collimator (Trapezoidal Collimator)
/gate/world/daughters/name collimator/gate/world/daughters/insert trpd/gate/collimator/geometry/setX1Length 0.7 cm/gate/collimator/geometry/setY1Length 0.7 cm/gate/collimator/geometry/setX2Length 9 cm/gate/collimator/geometry/setY2Length 5 cm/gate/collimator/geometry/setZLength 5 cm
/gate/collimator/setMaterial Lead/gate/collimator/vis/setColor red/gate/collimator/vis/forceWireframe
 Any suggestion or ideawould be appreciated; thank you in advance.
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