[Gate-users] Problem with Liver material in a voxelised phantom

Emond, Elise elise.emond.16 at ucl.ac.uk
Wed Dec 13 17:54:09 CET 2017

Dear mailing list,

I came across a weird issue with one of my simulations.

I am trying to incorporate to my simulation a voxelised phantom including as materials: Lung, a modified version of Lung and Liver. A previous simulation, incorporating only the two types of Lung materials, ran without any problem. However, when I add the Liver to it, it does not work anymore and Gate seems to be stuck after:


### === G4UAtomicDeexcitation::InitialiseForNewRun()
### ===  Auger cascade flag: false
### ===  Ignore cuts flag:   false
### ===  PIXE model for hadrons: Empirical
### ===  PIXE model for e+-:     Penelope
I attached to this email a log file of it.
The phantom seems to have been loaded beforehand properly and recognised "Liver" as a keyword. But it gets stuck no matter the size of the input image & even when I replaced the GateMaterials.db to the original one (using Blood instead of my modified Lung material).

However, when I change from "Liver" to "Blood", it does go through.

The input image is also not the issue, because I have reproduced the bug with previous images, for which the simulation worked perfectly when the Liver was not used. Also reproduced it on three different installs of Gate.

So I assume there is a bug somewhere.

I am using a phantom volume of the "ImageRegionalizedVolume" type, but I also reproduced the bug with "ImageRegularParametrisedVolume".

I was thinking there might be a problem with the physics list I am using (empenelope) or/and with an atom defined for the Liver. I haven't checked it thoroughly as I don't really have the time right now.

Any input on that, or temporary work-around?

Best Regards,

Elise Emond

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