[Gate-users] "gate/ecat/placement/setTranslation" COMMAND NOT FOUND

Machiel Kolstein mkolstein at ifae.es
Fri Apr 21 16:58:41 CEST 2017


I just succesfully installed GATE version 8.0.
To learn how to use GATE, I also downloaded an exercise from this page:


However, when I try to run "Gate macros/Geometry.mac", I get the following
[G4-cerr] ***** COMMAND NOT FOUND </gate/ecat/placement/setTranslation 0.0
0.0 0.0 cm> *****

​This is even though I installed "ecat7" and did a ccmake on GATE with
"GATE_USE_ECAT7" is ON and the "ECAT7_HOME" directory is set.



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Avís - Aviso - Legal Notice - (LOPD) - http://legal.ifae.es
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