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I'm sure this is fairly well documented. You can use sinogram output (with some tricks to get that into STIR), or ROOT. I'm afraid my GATE knowledge is really limited these days.

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Dear Kris,

thanks so much for your answer, but I have another question for you: there is another way or another output, to obtain a PET image from a Gate simulation of Cylindrical_PET ( CylindricalPET_System.mac)?

Thank you


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Dear Mariarita

LMF support in STIR has never worked. Nobody put in the "final mile". If you're interested in helping that going, please send an email to stir-devel at lists.sourceforge.net<mailto:stir-devel at lists.sourceforge.net>. It shouldn't be a major effort if you're familiar with C++, CMake and all that.

On the other hand, Nikos Efthimiou has just added ROOT support to STIR. It's still only available from our development version at https://github.com/UCL/STIR. You could try to give that a go. If you find any problems with that, please file an Issue on github.

I'm not sure what you're saying about STIR_Matlab. This is all still a bit experimental of course. Python support is much more stable. Did you check the STIR Wiki? In any case, STIR questions should go to the STIR mailing lists.

Good luck

Kris Thielemans
Reader in Medical Imaging Physics at University College London,
Institute of Nuclear Medicine, UCL Hospital, Tower 5,
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Subject: [Gate-users] LMF file analysis

Dear all,

recently I have started working with Gate simulation, I had simulated a PET system, in particular for small animals using example_PET with the PET_CylindricalPET_System.mac, by changing the characteristics of the system as my reference experimental setup. I have added the LMF commands in order to obtain a phantom image to compare with the experimental one.

About that I tried to use STIR, so I installed STIR_Matlab, but there are many problems because the program doesn't recognize the STIR and swig libraries, even if the library paths are added.

So, I would ask you, how can I analyze the .ccs file?  I would analyze the information obtained from .ccs file and "transform them" in order to obtain a PET image.

Thanks so much,

Yours sincerely

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