[Gate-users] error

David Boersma david.boersma at physics.uu.se
Wed Oct 12 14:31:22 CEST 2016

Hi Maryam,

General comment: we are very sorry that Gate crashes like that for you. 
Ideally it would never do that. Even if you use Gate in the wrong way, 
then it should give an informative error message and then exit without a 
"core dump". But we don't live in an ideal world, so sometimes Gate does 
crash ungracefully. We are working hard to improve this situation.

Now to your specific problem... In order to have a chance to help you 
solve the problem we need more information, for starters:

1. Which version of Gate are you running?

2. On which distro/release of Linux (or which version of MacOSX)?

3. How exactly do you run Gate, which command did you enter on the 
command line?

4. Could you send *all* output from Gate, not just the last few lines?

5. Are you trying to run one of the example macros?
   - if yes, which one?
   - if no: could you send your macro to this mailing list?
   - if no: could you try an example script, does it give the same crash?


Den 10/10/2016 kl. 22:15, skrev Maryam Amininejad:
> hello
> I want to know what is this error and how can I fix this problem in my
> simulation?
> error:
> aborting execution
> abrted(core dumped)
> thanks a universe
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