[Gate-users] Voxelized phantom and source

ευαγγελια τζαμπαζιδου eva.tzabazidou at gmail.com
Mon Nov 14 14:44:40 CET 2016

Dear Gate users,

I'm using Gate version 7.2 on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS on an Oracle VM virtual box
machine and I am trying to simulate a PET scan. I am using an .i33 image as
a phantom (interfile format header .h33+raw image .i33). I have followed
the user's guide instructions to define the voxelized phantom and source
but I get this error when running the mac file:

[Core-0] Initialization of geometry
'nrecognised type name 'short float
 Header read from       'FDG_1800sec_Cut.h33'
'Data file name         'evi.i33
 Nb of planes:           257
 Nb of pixels per plane: 129 129
 Pixel size:             1 1
 Slice thickness:        1
 Matrix size:            129 129
 Data type:
 Bytes per pixel:        4
 Data byte order:        BIGENDIAN
 Machine byte order:     LITTLEENDIAN

[Core-0] "LoadImageMaterialsFromRangeTable" = [
LoadImageMaterialsFromRangeTable ]
GateVImageVolume.cc (l.637):  I find R=0 in the image, while range stop at

', assuming default BIGENDIAN'LITTLEENDIAN

Error opening file.

I have already tried both ''unsigned integer'' and ''float'' types, but I
get the same error. I am also attaching the code that I used. If anyone has
any tips or pointers, they would be very much appreciated.

Thanks so much.
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