[Gate-users] help-Gate users-Physics List without builder

Consuelo Guardiola guardiola at imnc.in2p3.fr
Mon May 30 12:19:03 CEST 2016

Dear Gate users,

I am using the Gate v7.1 (and G4.10.01). In order to check some hadronic model effects, I am trying to use a similar Physic List for protons than that suggested in the Gate web page regarding the Grevillot 2010 work instead of using the Physics-Builder mechanisms. Nevertheless, when I launch my simulations, I got this error for many materials/elements:

-------- EEEE ------- G4Exception-START -------- EEEE -------
*** G4Exception : had002
      issued by : G4HadronicProcess::GetMeanFreePath
In /afs/in2p3.fr/group/imnc/guardiol/geant4.10.01/source/processes/hadronic/cross_sections/src/G4CrossSectionDataStore.cc, line 198:
===>  no applicable data set found for the isotope
Unrecoverable error in the method GetMeanFreePath of HadronElastic
TrackID= 390  ParentID= 1  N15
Ekin(GeV)= 0.00331308;  direction= (-0.573697,-0.205669,0.792825)
Position(mm)= (44.0667,51.2536,53.7498);  material Water
PhysicalVolume  <WaterCube_phys>
 Cross section is not available

*** Fatal Exception *** core dump ***
-------- EEEE -------- G4Exception-END --------- EEEE -------

Actually, I got the same kind of errors with whatever hadronic model that I tried to use, no matter which one. I just found a suggestion in the G4 forum regarding this issue, but it didn't work. Actually, they said that it was figured out in the next 10.01 patch, but I have to use the current one because it seems to be the right for Gate v7.1. 

Then, I would appreciate if any of you know how to solve it. If it is not possible, does it mean that we can only use the builders with this Gate version?

Thanks in advance,

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