[Gate-users] difference between User Mode and arbitrary mode

NEGRE Pauline pauline.negre at irsn.fr
Thu Mar 3 18:29:03 CET 2016

Hi everyone !


I'm looking for details about the user mode and the arbitrary mode on
the section "define the source" on Gate. 

In fact, I am working on a Ra spectrum and I am using "gps/histpoint" to
create an histogram macro of the energies. I enter on the first column
the energy in MeV and on the second column the weight. I use for the
moment the user mode, but I'm not sure it's the good one. Secondly,
When I run the simulation, I can see when the Parent ID = 0, the first
KinE (MeV) is never one of my energy I entered.  Could you enlighten me
about this question?

Thank you.

Pauline N.

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