[Gate-users] question about secondary dose distribution in GATE_v6.2 and GATE_v7.1

张晖 zhanghui at impcas.ac.cn
Thu Jun 23 03:38:55 CEST 2016

Dear Gaters,
When I calculate the dose distribution of some secondary,I find that GATE_v6.2 has correct result while GATE_v7.1's result is all zero!The macro file in both versions are the same except physics list.In GATE_v6.2,the physics section is 

while in GATE_v7.1,the physics section is 

and if add two .mac file,it's also OK.Like this,
I'm puzzled these two versions which have different results.If I want to use GATE_v7.1 to calculate the dose distribution of secondary,how do I modify?

Best regards,
Zhang Hui

Zhang Hui
University of Chinese Academy of Sciences
Institute of Modern Physics

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