[Gate-users] CLHEP library error

Gustaf Lönn gustaflo at kth.se
Mon Feb 29 18:52:49 CET 2016


I have encountered a problem with the CLHEP libraries when I’m trying to run Gate. Instead of searching for the external CLHEP library the program wants to use the libG4chlep and therefore terminates. I use x86 Ubuntu 64bit. 

I have followed the installation/compilation instructions and set the external CLHEP options to ”on” and set the following paths:

CLHEP_CONFIG_EXECUTABLE: /home/gate/gate_sources2/
CLHEP_INCLUDE_DIR: /home/gate/gate_sources2/
CLHEP_LIBRARY: /home/gate/gate_sources2/

CLHEP_CONFIG_EXECUTABLE: /home/gate/gate_sources2/            
CLHEP_INCLUDE_DIR: /home/gate/gate_sources2/

In my bash script I have the following:

export PATH=$PATH:/home/gate/gate_sources2/ /home/gate/gate_sources2/

export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$LD_LIBRARY_PATH:/home/gate/gate_sources2/

source /home/gate/gate_sources2/root/bin/thisroot.sh

source /home/gate/gate_sources2/geant4.10.01.p03-install/bin/geant4.sh


export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$LD_LIBRARY_PATH:/home/gate/gate_sources2/geant4.10.01.p03-install/lib64

Does anyone have any idea about what might be wrong? I’m grateful for any suggestions!

Best Regards
Gustaf L

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