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Hi Xingjian Yu,
please apologise my late response. I must have overlooked your eMail
among the many I receive every day.
The example you have found as such concerns the use of cerenkov within the
GEANT4 package. I have not tried to use cerenkov within the framework of
GATE yet, although I assume it is possible unless for some principle reasons.
I am afraid, I am not enough expert to fully answer this. As soon I had a chance
to test it by myself, I will let you know.

Kind regards and best wishes,

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On 09 Jan 2016, at 13:47, yuxingjian1988 <yuxingjian1988 at 163.com<mailto:yuxingjian1988 at 163.com>> wrote:

Dear sir,
I want to do some cerenkov simulation. I find an example in Geant4/examples/extended/optical/LXe(which includes a file named as cerenkov.mac).
How even when I use cmake to run it. I can't do it. Have you know the way how to run it correctly?

Xingjian Yu

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