[Gate-users] problem with random number seed?

David Boersma david.boersma at physics.uu.se
Mon Feb 1 17:29:04 CET 2016


Den 01/02/2016 kl. 17:08, skrev Andrej:
> A quick and dirty fix is to set the randomSeed to some run related
> number. I know that in geant people would sometimes start each event
> with a seed equal to that event number. Here you only have to do it
> run-wise.

Unfortunately when we try that we still get identical outputs for 
successive runs.

I think that the problem is not in how Gate obtains a seed (from 
/dev/random with "auto" or reading a literal user-supplied value from 
the macro), but rather in how Gate communicates that seed to (a 
multithreaded version of) the geant4 library.


> Cheers
> Andrej
> surabhi balagopal nair je 2/1/2016 ob 4:40 PM napisal:
>> Hello,
>> Can anyone tell me whether the Virtual Gate is built on GEANT4
>> multithread ON or OFF?
>> Thank you,
>> SN
>> On 1 February 2016 at 10:14, David Boersma
>> <david.boersma at physics.uu.se <mailto:david.boersma at physics.uu.se>> wrote:
>>     Hi,
>>     It looks like Thomas Deschler was right: random number seeding in
>>     Gate (current develop version, but I suspect the conclusions also
>>     hold for release 7.1) only works correctly if the Geant4 10.1
>>     libraries were compiled with multithreading OFF. By "correctly" we
>>     mean: with "auto" seeding you get a different seed every time you
>>     run it, and therefore statistically independent outputs. If you
>>     use a geant4 installation built with multithreading=ON, then
>>     successive Gate runs will give identical outputs.
>>     We verified this (on Linux and on MacOSX) by compiling Geant4 with
>>     and without multithreading, and then building Gate with it. We ran
>>     Hediye's minimal RT macro (shoot electrons on a target foil, and
>>     collect a phasespace of the particles after it, stored in a ROOT
>>     output file). We ran the macro twice (renaming the output
>>     directory in between). "Ekine" histograms of the two runs were
>>     numerically identical when we ran *with* multithreading and they
>>     were clearly different *without* multithreading.
>>     Short term action item: it would be good to document this clearly
>>     in the README file and/or the 7.1 installation guide on the wiki.
>>     Medium/long term action item: fix Gate to work correctly with
>>     multithreaded geant4.
>>     I have more comments, but they are more technical, will submit
>>     them as "issues" on GitHub.
>>     HTH,
>>     David B.
>>     Den 01/02/2016 kl. 11:18, skrev hediye acun:
>>         Hello Loic,
>>         We tried your recommendations with David Boersma.  First we
>>         run main
>>         macro file for 20 particles and stored output in PhS_new.root
>>         file. We
>>         got particle's properties(location and energy) in root with
>>         Scan command
>>         and then we closed root to make sure root will not remember
>>         the first
>>         output file due to the same tree's name. We run main macro
>>         second time
>>         with same particle number(20) to get second output file which
>>         called
>>         PhS_try.root.  In root with scan we obtained particle's
>>         properties again
>>         for second run. After that we compared two text files which
>>         include
>>         particle's location and energies and there was no difference
>>         between them.
>>         David Boersma run same macro file in his computer which has Geant4
>>         compiled with multithread OFF, and he obtained different
>>         results for
>>         same number of primaries. My Geant4 compiled with multithread
>>         ON.  We
>>         are going to try to compile on my computer with multitherad
>>         OFF and on
>>         David's computer multithread ON to investigate whether it
>>         really depends
>>         on the multithreading.
>>         Best regards.
>>         Hediye acun
>>         PS. It looks like the mailing list not working today. David didn't
>>         receive your reply and we didn't see on the archive either.
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>>         *Subject:* RE: [Gate-users] problem with random number seed?
>>         Hello,
>>         In my experience the command"/gate/random/setEngineSeed
>>         auto"works.
>>         In your example you are looking at histograms, but to verify
>>         that issue
>>         I was thinking about something different:
>>         -If the seed did not change as you suspect, the physical
>>         properties from
>>         every single particle stored in your Phase Space one after the
>>         other
>>         shall be exactly the same (position, direction, energy, etc.)
>>         for 2
>>         simulations.
>>         -Could you check that on a particle basis for 10 or 20 particles?
>>         You could even try a very simple example where you could
>>         randomly sample
>>         10 particles and look if they are the same for 2 simulations.
>>         Let us know!
>>         Thanks
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>>         *Subject:* [Gate-users] problem with random number seed?
>>         Hello All,
>>         I have Gate "develop" version and at the same time
>>         geant4.10.1.0 and
>>         root_v5.34.32 on the GPU. My operating system is Linux Mint 17.2 .
>>         I am triying to simulate a linac head to get Phase Space of
>>         photons.
>>         Just for an example I run Gate for a basic geometry which
>>         include only
>>         electron beam, target filter and Phase space plane inside a linac
>>         geometry. When I run Gate two or more times for same "number of
>>         primaries" I got the exactly the same Phase Space distributions
>>         (histogram of Ekine completely identical). But I am using
>>         "/gate/random/setEngineSeed auto" command and according to the
>>         documentation that should give me the different seed every
>>         time when I
>>         run it. I would expect some random differences between PhS's from
>>         different runs.
>>         Does anyone have any idea about this issue? Thank you in advance.
>>         Hediye Acun
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