[Gate-users] problem with random number seed?

Grevillot Loic loic.grevillot at medaustron.at
Mon Feb 1 09:20:41 CET 2016


In my experience the command"/gate/random/setEngineSeed auto" works.
In your example you are looking at histograms, but to verify that issue I was thinking about something different:

-          If the seed did not change as you suspect, the physical properties from every single particle stored in your Phase Space one after the other shall be exactly the same (position, direction, energy, etc.) for 2 simulations.

-          Could you check that on a particle basis for 10 or 20 particles?
You could even try a very simple example where you could randomly sample 10 particles and look if they are the same for 2 simulations.

Let us know!

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Hello All,

I have Gate "develop" version and at the same time geant4.10.1.0 and root_v5.34.32 on the GPU. My operating system is Linux Mint 17.2 .

I am triying to simulate a linac head to get Phase Space of photons. Just for an example I run Gate for a basic geometry which include only electron beam, target filter and Phase space plane inside a linac geometry. When I run Gate two or more times for same "number of primaries" I got the exactly the same Phase Space distributions (histogram of Ekine completely identical). But I am using "/gate/random/setEngineSeed auto" command and according to the documentation that should give me the different seed every time when I run it. I would expect some random differences between PhS's from different runs.

Does anyone have any idea about this issue? Thank you in advance.

Hediye Acun
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