[Gate-users] attenuation problem

Joyoni Dey deyj at lsu.edu
Wed Aug 3 16:34:07 CEST 2016

Okay we got it, thanks Beien Wang,

yes we made a line for Carbon as a material and it works. Saw similar lines for Aluminium etc in original db

Carbon: d=2.25 g/cm3 ; n=1 ;state=solid
        +el: name=auto   ; n=1

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From: Joyoni Dey
Sent: Wednesday, August 3, 2016 9:03:07 AM
To: gate-users at lists.opengatecollaboration.org
Cc: Narayan Bhusal
Subject: attenuation problem

Dear Gate-Users,

We seem to have the following problem with gate -- the material file is not finding some elements/materials (finding others).

I think the path to the file GateMaterials.db  is fine, it is finding some the materials needed (we added some materials which were
not there in the original GateMaterials.db and it is recognizing them).

But say simple elements like Carbon are not found.

Error is:

GateMaterialDatabase.cc (l.131): GateMaterialDatabase: could not find the definition for material 'Carbon' in material f

Any idea what is going on will be helpful.


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