[Gate-users] Floating point exception with cilindricalPet

Mathieu Dupont mdupont at cppm.in2p3.fr
Thu Apr 28 17:10:12 CEST 2016

Hi Pedro, 

Can you provide a minimal example that  reproduce your problem ? And yes, it 
can be useful to provide the complete stack trace. 

Le mercredi 27 avril 2016, 13:18:38 CEST Pedro Correia a écrit :
> Dear Gate users, on behalf of Gonçalo Cosme, i want to address the following
> question:
> Currently I am trying to simulate a simple PET geometry and I want to
> simulate with GPU to fasten the simulation times.
 What I am doing is
> taking the main-gpu.mac from the pet GPU examples and applying only my
> geometry. 
> In my geometry, I am interested in simulating two rsectors simultaneously in
> a cylindricalPET system, therefore I use the command:
> /gate/systems/cylindricalPET/addAnewRsector. When done so, terminal
> indicates the error: *** Break *** floating point exception.
> simulation without the said command it works normally.
> Have I encountered a bug in GATE? Can someone recreate this error?
> I can provide the stack trace of all threads if it aids you in figuring out
> this problem.
 I am using Gate v7.1, Geant4.10.01, CUDA 6.0, root5.34.32
> all run in centOS 6.5. 
> Kind regards,
> Goncalo Cosme

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