[Gate-users] Use a Root Phase Space as a source

Cécile Peucelle peucelle at imnc.in2p3.fr
Mon Apr 18 15:37:41 CEST 2016

Dear all,

I'm trying to use a Phase Space file in .root format as a source in my 
simulations (Gate v7.0).
I obtain the following error when trying to do that: 
"GateSourcePhaseSpace.cc (l.201): No particle type defined in phase 
space file.", and yet the particle types are well identified in my .root 
As my .root file contains several types of particles, I don't want to 
use the "setParticleType" command suggested in the documentation.
Is there a way to use my PSF as a source without forcing the particle 
type ?

Thanks in advance,

Cécile Peucelle

Cécile PEUCELLE - PhD. Candidate
Laboratory of Imaging and Modeling for Neurobiology and Oncology
Research team: New Approaches in Radiotherapy (NARA)

Laboratoire IMNC - UMR 8165
CNRS, Universités Paris-Sud et Paris Diderot
Campus Universitaire, Bât. 440, 1er étage
15 rue Georges Clemenceau
91405 Orsay cedex
(33)1 69 15 36 45

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