[Gate-users] GATE-user meeting at the IEEE NSS-MIC conference

Irène Buvat irene.buvat at u-psud.fr
Sun Oct 25 23:02:50 CET 2015

Dear Colleagues,

The OpenGATE collaboration members are happy to invite you to attend our GATE-user meeting that will take place during the upcoming IEEE NSS-MIC meeting in San Diego, see below for details. This meeting is a unique opportunity for you to follow the progress that are being made in the development of GATE, to learn about what to expect in the next versions of GATE, and to share experience with GATE users. This event is free and lunch boxes will be provided to those who register.

Hope to see you there.

				GATE-user meeting at the 2015 IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium and Medical Imaging Conference
Wednesday November 4th, 12:30 - 2 pm, Sheffield room

-12:30 Welcome / introduction, Irène Buvat, IMIV, CEA-SHFJ, Orsay, France
-12:45 On-going developments in GATE and what to expect in upcoming versions, Sébastien Jan, IMIV, CEA-SHFJ, Orsay, France
-13:00 Presentations by GATE users :
1) "Investigation of the effects of photomultiplier pixel size on edge crystal Identification of scintillator arrays in PET detectors”, Y Valencia, D Prout, A Chatziioannou. University of California, Los Angeles, USA
2) "Simulation of a Compton telescope wtih GATE”, E Muñoz, J Barrio, A Etxebeste, C Lacasta, G Llosá, C Solaz, P Solevi, M Trovato, JF Oliver. IFIC, Valencia, Spain
3) "Using GATE for collimator and shielding design of a SPECT/MRI insert", D Salvado, K Erlandsson, BF Hutton. UCL, London, UK
4) "Advantage of pinhole collimators over parallel hole collimators in reducing downscatter for I-123 imaging", A Konik, J de Beenhouwer, M King. University of Massachusetts Medical School, Worcester, USA
- 13:45 Discussion, conclusion

Free registration at irene.buvat at u-psud.fr <mailto:irene.buvat at u-psud.fr>
http://www.opengatecollaboration.org/Meetings <http://www.opengatecollaboration.org/Meetings>

Irène Buvat
Unité Imagerie Moléculaire In Vivo
UMR 1023 Inserm/CEA/Université Paris Sud, ERL 9218 CNRS
CEA/I2BM/Service Hospitalier Frédéric Joliot
4 place de Général Leclerc
91400 Orsay
Tél : 01 69 86 77 79 / 01 69 86 78 76
Fax : 01 69 86 77 86
irene.buvat at u-psud.fr <mailto:irene.buvat at u-psud.fr>
http://i2bm.cea.fr/dsv/i2bm/SHFJ/IMIV <http://i2bm.cea.fr/dsv/i2bm/SHFJ/IMIV>
http://lidex-pim.wix.com/english <http://lidex-pim.wix.com/english/!quantification-in-pet-mri/citp>
http://www.guillemet.org/irene <http://www.guillemet.org/irene>
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