[Gate-users] About Gate_v7.1 warning and output comparing the version Gate_v6.1

M Martin martin.mars18 at gmail.com
Tue Jul 7 09:37:05 CEST 2015

Thanks Uwe and David for your kind help in my previous question.

Hi All,

I have few queries regarding the .sin files.
Recently i have changed my machine and also the gate version. Now i am
facing the difficulties as mentioned below.

I have executed benchSPECT.mac code in two different machines and in two
different versions of GATE, one machine has 4GB RAM along with gate_v6.1,
while the other one has 64GB RAM along with gate_v7.1.
Now I am getting two different projection output gate614.sin and
gate7164.sin respectively for the 64 frames for the same benchSPECT.mac
code. gate7164.sin file shows the projection in all the 64 frames. But
gate614.sin file shows the projection in only few frames out of 64 frames.
Now my question is in gate7164.sin file i am getting all the 64 projections
in all the 64 frames because of better 64GB RAM machine comparing to 4GBRAM
PC? or is it happening because of the versions?
Am i supposed to get different projection results for the different gate
versions? or
Am i supposed to get different projection results for different
configuration machine?

Also, i am getting an warning after initialization in gate_v7.1. The
warning is as follows:

[Physic - 0] WARNING: manual physic lists are being deprecated.
Please, use physic list builder mechanism instead. Related documentation
can be found at:

Is this warning hampering my above mentioned execution? or is this warning

Please let me know your kind suggestions.

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