[Gate-users] Voxelized phantom / source overlap with the detector, no count

Kuang Gong kugong at ucdavis.edu
Mon Feb 16 08:44:17 CET 2015

Dear Gate users:
I am using the voxelized phantom / source way to simulate a Hoffman phantom
inside a PET scanner.  The image matrix of the phantom / source is so large
that the corners of the image matrix overlap with some detector blocks.
Even though there is no warning in the running, the final root plot shows
that there are no counts in those affected detectors. In simSET simulation,
the target cylinder can help to truncate the corners of the image matrix.
I want to know whether someone here knows how to truncate those corners in
Gate. Any solution to this problem can be really helpful for the
simulations of Large FOV. Really appreciate your help.

Graduate student in University of California, Davis
Phone: 530-400-6887
Email:  kugong at ucdavis.edu
Address: 451 Health Sciences Dr.
Genome Biomedical Sciences Facility
University of California
Davis, Ca 95616
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