[Gate-users] GATE 7.0 Installation

Alex Vergara Gil alexvergaragil at gmail.com
Wed Feb 11 15:19:33 CET 2015


You should give a try to geant4 10.0.p02, then your gate will run a
little faster than using geant4 4.9.6.p03. This is what I have
experienced, a reduction of about 5 % in calculation time. Although I
haven't tested it fully, it runs my macros. With the new geant4 10.1
gate doesn't compile because of the use of an obsolete function, so
don't waste your time until this is solved.


2015-02-11 5:39 GMT-05:00, Hojjat Mahani <hojjat.mahani at gmail.com>:
> Hello Andre,
> I am very grateful for your prompt response. Yes, I faced the "empty cache"
> right after I typed ccmake ../geant4.9.6.p03.
> I will follow what you suggested and let you know the results.
> Once again, thank you Andre,
> Hojjat

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