[Gate-users] Gate 7, calculation progress and root plotter

J.J.M. Kouwenberg j.kouwenberg at erasmusmc.nl
Tue Feb 10 11:12:45 CET 2015

Dear all,

I am currently evaluating the GATE software using vGate 3. I recompiled GATE to include the LMF library, but the rest is default. However, the plotter still seems to be unavailable (command not found after running a CylindricalPET simulation) . I cannot find any reference to it in the CMake interface. Does anyone know whether I have to install an extra package to make the plotter available from GATE?

Also, is there an option to show the progression of the simulation? This would be of great help in larger simulations.

Thanks in advance,

Jasper J.M. Kouwenberg
Medical Physics Graduate student
Nuclear Medicine

E-mail j.kouwenberg at erasmusmc.nl | Phone +316 2532 9809

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