[Gate-users] Gate v7.0 optical photon energy output issue

Zhang,Yuxuan yuxuan.zhang at mdanderson.org
Thu Sep 25 20:06:18 CEST 2014


In the previous versions of Gate (6.2 and older), the energy definition of the

optical photon output is the number of photons that hit the detector. However,

in the newest Gate (v7.0), the energy seems to be changed to the sum of real energy

of each photons (in MeV). I think this change might not be necessary.

I am using the optical photons simulation to study the detector design with PMTs and SiPMs.

Both the PMT and SiPM are usually working in photon counting mode in the

PET system and they don't have energy resolution to the incident optical photons.

The new change in the Gate 7.0 of output the absolute energy instead of the photon counts

for the optical simulation make the such study more difficult.

If this change is necessary for other applications such as florescence study or something else,

maybe it is better to add a switch to let user to select the output mode between the absolute

energy and the number of count.


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