[Gate-users] ROOT Output Help

Amy Meldrum ameldru at g.clemson.edu
Fri Jan 17 14:48:46 CET 2014

Gate users,

Using VGate, I (thought) I have managed to run my first simulation of an
alpha source, scintillator, and a PMT. I enabled ROOT output as I had
problems getting ASCII output before. However, my simulation of 5000
particles takes less than a second to run, which seems like it is much too
short. Then when I exit Gate and open my .root file, the trees are there,
but I do not know how to manipulate any of the features of ROOT to actually
look at my data.  I have looked at the website and User's Guide for ROOT,
but it seems like it is all commands, and is confusing to me when I am
looking at the ROOT object browser.

And so the main things I want to know about my simulation are:

How much energy was deposited into my scintillator.
The path of the scintillation photons
How many photons made it to my PMT
The resulting energy spectrum I would see from the PMT

Can anyone provide any insight into what I might need to do to get this
information out of my system? At this point, I don't even know if it is
running correctly (producing scintillation photons).

Thank you for the help,

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