[Gate-users] Sources for Scintillation Simulation

Amy Meldrum ameldru at g.clemson.edu
Thu Jan 9 17:23:00 CET 2014

Hello GATE Users,

I am building my first simulation while reading through the User's Guide
but am confused about source definitions when it comes to simulating a

Basically I am trying to model the propagation of optical photons as a
result of a plastic scintillator being irradiated with an alpha or beta
source. When reading through 'Users Guide V6.2: Generating and Tracking
Optical Photons,' it says to add the source as an optical photon source as:

/gate/source/addSource   OPsource gps
/gate/source/OPsource/gps/particle   optical photon
(and so on...)

Does this mean that the only way for optical photons to be generated is by
simply starting them inside my scintillator? Is it possible for me to
define my other (alpha or beta) source, and then have the optical photons
be generated once the alpha/beta partcile interacts with the scintillator?

I appreciate all the help while I am getting acquainted with GATE.

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