[Gate-users] Re-Compiling VGate to include Optical

Vesna Cuplov vesna.cuplov at gmail.com
Wed Jan 8 12:33:21 CET 2014

Hello Amy,

I realised that I did not answer to the entire mailing list.

To compile VGate you should do the following:

   - Go in the GATE build directory: gate.6.2-build
   - Launch the ccmake command to the gate_v6.2 source directory: ccmake
   - A window will pop up. This will allow you to set the Optical Flag ON.
   Follow what is written on the bottom of that window: something like 'press
   c' (to configure), then scroll down to Optical Flag and press enter in
   order to switch OFF to ON, ..... then do 'generate and exit'.
   - make clean
   - make -jN (N would be the number of processors in your computer)
   - sudo su -
   - The password that is asked is the same as the one needed to launch the
   GATE virtual box.

   - make install

That should work.


On Mon, Jan 6, 2014 at 2:28 PM, Amy Meldrum <ameldru at g.clemson.edu> wrote:

> Gate users,
> I am having quite a bit of trouble figuring out how to recompile VGate so
> that the Optical option is 'turned on.' From other discussions and the Wiki
> page I see that I need to do something with
> export GATE_USE_OPTICAL=1 in env_gate.sh
> But I do not know what/where is env_gate/sh? And how do I recompile Gate
> in VGate?
> Thank you,
> -Amy
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