[Gate-users] ASCII Output - Particle IDs

Amy Meldrum ameldru at g.clemson.edu
Tue Feb 4 19:42:01 CET 2014

Gate users,

I am having some trouble understanding the meanings of the columns in the
hits.dat file (for a scanner system).

The only information I am interested in right now is:

What type of particle is being described in a given row of the Hits.dat file
Whether it makes it to my volume I called PMT ('Transportation' - Is it
only these photons?)
The 'mother' particle's ID number that spawned the optical photon.

The description in the User's Guide for the Hits.dat file is unclear to me,
and I am not sure what the numbers given in the columns for things like
"ID" mean ( 0 = what?).

If someone can make this clearer to me, I would really appreciate it.

Thank you,

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