[Gate-users] How to insert x,y,z axes

Lee, Sam (SAM LEE) slee91 at utk.edu
Sun Feb 2 19:29:14 CET 2014

Hey Stathis,

the following script should display XYZ axes for you. You can control its width and length using axesWidth and axesLength alias

# axes settings
/control/alias axesWidth 1
/control/alias axesLength 100
# x-axis
/gate/world/daughters/name xBox
/gate/world/daughters/insert box
/gate/xBox/vis/setColor red
/gate/xBox/geometry/setXLength {axesLength} cm
/gate/xBox/geometry/setYLength {axesWidth} cm
/gate/xBox/geometry/setZLength {axesWidth} cm

# y-axis
/gate/world/daughters/name yBox
/gate/world/daughters/insert box
/gate/yBox/vis/setColor green
/gate/yBox/geometry/setXLength {axesWidth} cm
/gate/yBox/geometry/setYLength {axesLength} cm
/gate/yBox/geometry/setZLength {axesWidth} cm

# z-axis
/gate/world/daughters/name zBox
/gate/world/daughters/insert box
/gate/zBox/vis/setColor blue
/gate/zBox/geometry/setXLength {axesWidth} cm
/gate/zBox/geometry/setYLength {axesWidth} cm
/gate/zBox/geometry/setZLength {axesLength} cm

Sanghyeb(Sam) Lee

PhD Candidate
Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
University of Tennessee, Knoxville
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Dear Gate users,

I'd like to display x,y,z axes so that I confirm my geometry. I looked
up at the docs and I found:

"/gate/world/daughters/insert 3axes"

But when I actually execute the command I get:

parameter value is not listed in the candidate List.
Parameter is out of candidate list (index 0)
Candidates : ImageNestedParametrisedVolume ImageRegionalizedSubVolume
ImageRegionalizedVolume box collimator compressedMatrix cone cylinder
eltub fictitiousVoxelMap general_trpd hexagone parallelbeam
parameterizedBoxMatrix regularMatrix sphere trap trpd wedge

I also found a thread from 2010:

where it says that this is no longer supported and one must use 3
dummy boxes. Is it true?

Best regards,
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