[Gate-users] problem adding a dose actor

S. Saghamanesh s.saghamanesh at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 26 21:25:56 CET 2014

Have you seen the voxalized phantom section of the Gate manual? Isn't it what you want? 

     On Friday, December 19, 2014 6:11 PM, Alex Vergara Gil <alexvergaragil at gmail.com> wrote:

 Ok I see now, so thats not what I want.
I wish to add a voxelized boolean image containing the ROI for scoring
dose, so the "setSize, voxelSize, setPosition" approach is the better
and in the manual it says it can be possible. I imagine something like

/gate/actor/myactor/insertReader interfile
/gate/actor/myactor//interfileReader/readFile myfile.h33

and so on, but this fails to work for me, any hints? how can I specify
this voxel do score and that one don't, off course the ROI is a set of
contiguous non-regular regions.



2014-12-19 7:59 GMT-05:00, S. Saghamanesh <s.saghamanesh at yahoo.com>:
> Hi,
> "setResolution" builds the number of your dose voxels (in your case a
> 1*3000-matrix) and the dose will be calculated in these voxels. The
> alternative for this is to set "voxelsize" in the dose actor (you can see in
> the gate example for dose actor). If your system gives a segmentation fault,
> it  may be due to the small RAM or a low capability related to your system.
> I remember when I had chose a large number of voxels (regarding my RAM), my
> system produced this error and when I reduced the number, it could process
> it.
> Best- Soman
>      On Friday, December 19, 2014 12:36 AM, Alex Vergara Gil
> <alexvergaragil at gmail.com> wrote:
>  Hello All!
> In the Manual, in the section Users Guide V7.0:Readout parameters for
> Radiotherapy
> applications: Actors, I have a question regarding the meaning of the line
> /gate/actor/MyActor/setResolution 1 1 3000
> What is the meaning of these numbers?
> if I modify them, then Gate produces segmentation faults and/or never
> starts running, but i need to produce my own detector so I need to
> know what is this. May somebody explain this to me please.
> Regards
> Alex
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