[Gate-users] activity inside cold region

Ottavia Bertolli ottavia.bertolli at gmail.com
Wed Sep 18 19:56:34 CEST 2013

Dear Gate users,

I wrote some time ago because I had problems with the /Forbid command to
create cold volumes within sources (I wanted a source that had the shape of
an annular cylinder). I finally made it to have my macro running on Gate
6.1  without getting the "segmentation" error I used to get when running it
on Virtual Gate.

Reconstructing the simulation of an annular cylinder of oxygen I noticed
that there appears to be some activity even in the centre of the cylinder,
which instead should be filled with the "cold area" made with water.
I have even checked the xyz coordinates of the radioactive decay positions,
taken from the gateCoincidences.dat file, and there actually are some
events even within the cylinder, where there should not be activity.

Has anyone else encountered this kind of issue?

Thank you all for your attention.

Kind Regards.

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