[Gate-users] root configuration

Mike Tabriz mtabriz at yahoo.com
Sat Mar 9 16:56:49 CET 2013

Dear gate users,
In an attempt to configure the root package (version 5.28.000g) on my Linux laptop (Ubuntu 12.10) I got the following error message. I cannot find a reference to this error on the internet and was wondeing if any of you have ever come across with something like this. 
/opt/simulation/root/proof/proof/src/TProof.cxx:837:36: error: ‘GetSandbox’ was not declared in this scope
/opt/simulation/root/proof/proof/src/TProof.cxx: At global scope:
/opt/simulation/root/proof/proof/src/TProof.cxx:941:68: error: no ‘Int_t TProof::GetSandbox(TString&, Bool_t, const char*)’ member function declared in class ‘TProof’
make: *** [proof/proof/src/TProof.o] Error 1

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