[Gate-users] Unable to detect optical photons when the source is optical point source

Vesna Cuplov vesna.cuplov at gmail.com
Wed Jun 19 12:03:50 CEST 2013


I am using an optical point source, the source is below a glass cylinder
> and I have defined a dielectric_metal boundary between mother volume of the
> glass cylinder and the glass cylinder, so that optical photons are
> detected. But the ascii optical adder file and ascii hit files are empty
> indicating that no photons are detected.
> (Is there any condition that only optical photons generated from a
> scintillation process only will be detected ?  because when I define a
> scintillating crystal between the source and glass cylinder optical photons
> are detected)

no. Any optical photons should be detected by the surface not only
secondaries from scintillation.

 What should I do inorder to detect these photons ? I am using Gate v-6.1

How do you define your "detecting surface"? How are its properties?
Can you show how you define the geometry and the digitizer?  You can also
take a look at the example_OPTICAL.

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