[Gate-users] ROOT output from SPECT simulatio

Rutao Yao rutaoyao at buffalo.edu
Mon Jul 29 16:56:32 CEST 2013

Just use the branch that has the highest index for your review, for example
Hits;9 or Singles;8. The co-existing two branches seem to be a result of how
GATE accumulates and records events in ROOT format. It does not affect the
root file. There was a previous post on this forum explaining this.  




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Hello everyone


I ran a the benchSPECT macro and enabled ROOT output for singles and hits.
When I opened the ROOT output, I found two hit files and two singles.  I
pasted a screen shot below.  I found the # of events in these two Hits are
different (same for the two singles files).  What’s the difference between
them?    Is there some documentation that I can look up?  Thank you.

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