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Hello Mohsen,

In response to (1), see this post for the solution:

In response to (2), based on my very limited experience with Root, you can
do basic things like drawing 2D histograms etc. in Root. However, it is
easier to simply write C or C++ commands in Root and save the data of
interest to binary files and then process the data using C / C++ or Matlab
or Python.


On Sun, Jul 7, 2013 at 3:34 PM, Mohsen Sadat shahabi <
s.mohsen_shahabi at yahoo.com> wrote:

> hello, Dears
> i have 2 problems
> 1) by ascii output. i use virtual gate v2.1 (gate v6.2) and when want to
> enable ascii output it says me "not found". according to questions before
> answered in mailing list i must change "GateConfiguration.h.in" file and
> rerun the gate. but it don't work! somebody had this problem?
> 2) by myself :) in reading root. i run examples and benchmarks, get .root
> output and open .root file by "TBrowser" by i can not understand it. how i
> can use .root data's for image reconstruction?
> thanks in advance for any help
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