[Gate-users] Phase Space

Carlos Uribe carluri at phas.ubc.ca
Wed Apr 24 01:39:25 CEST 2013

Dear Gate Users,

I have a point source in the center of a water sphere.  I want to be able
to use the phase space approach.  I've set the actor like this

/gate/actor/addActor PhaseSpaceActor PHASESPACE
/gate/actor/PHASESPACE/save ../output/PHASESPACE.root
/gate/actor/PHASESPACE/attachTo Phantom

I've even enabled all the options such as

/gate/actor/PHASESPACE/enableEkine              true

and I've tried using storeOutgoingParticles, secondaries, or default and in
all cases I get a .root file but it is empty.

can any one help me to actually get this actor to work?

Thanks in advance,

Carlos F Uribe
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