[Gate-users] UHadronelastic

Carlos Uribe carluri at phas.ubc.ca
Thu Sep 6 22:43:41 CEST 2012

Hello Gate users,

Does anyone know the details of the process "UHadronElastic" being
included in "HadronElastic" in geant 4.9.5?

I'm asking this because I updated to gate 6.2 and the part of my macro
that goes like:

/gate/physics/addProcess HadronElastic GenericIon
/gate/physics/processes/HadronElastic/setModel G4LElastic GenericIon

/gate/physics/addProcess UHadronElastic
/gate/physics/processes/UHadronElastic/setModel G4HadronElastic
/gate/physics/processes/UHadronElastic/setDataSet G4HadronElasticDataSet

is giving me the following warning

####### WARNING: 'HadronElastic' process name replace 'UHadronElastic'
process name since Geant4 9.5
*** Fatal Exception *** core dump ***
-------- EEEE -------- G4Exception-END --------- EEEE -------

When I remove "UHadronElastic" everything works ok....I've been trying
to find documentation about it but still haven't found any related to
this issue.

I just want to know if the "HadronElastic" as it is in my code will
simulate all the processes I'm trying to include with these two
processes in the old version.

Any help is highly appreciated,

Thank you,

Carlos F Uribe

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