[Gate-users] Energy spectrum in GATE (Nicolas GUIGNARD)

Marcin Balcerzyk m.balcerzyk at pluri.ucm.es
Thu Mar 22 17:48:13 CET 2012

Hi Nicolas.

Once your root file is created (if not, enable it in your simulation), in
the same directory where root file is, execute the command:
>root myfile.root
and inside root execute command:
TBrowser t
That opens for you root file browser. If you have coincidences stored in
your file (or singles also), go to the subfolder of Coincidences and double
click energy1 or energy2 leaves. In Singles folder it is energy leave. These
are predefined root energy spectra. 
To exit root type .q .

I hope that helps.

Marcin Balcerzyk

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   1. Energy spectrum in GATE (Nicolas GUIGNARD)


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I am simulating a PET scanner  of LSO crystal using back to back 511 source.
How can I get the energy spectrum for the events from it?? I have checked in
benchmark PET analysis output bit I could not find the plotted energy

Thanks for any help.


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