[Gate-users] I am tyring to get askii output file in 'Users Guide V6'.

Eungi Min mingistar at korea.ac.kr
Tue Jul 31 06:22:54 CEST 2012

Dear. Gate Users.

I want to get an askii output file(coincidence) which only has column 9 -
17, 32-40.

The other data is not necessary for me.

Can i create the type of output file?

If I can, please tell me how to.

Best Regards.
Eungi Min.

Eungi Min

Medical Information Processing Laboratory
Dept. of Radiologic Science
Korea University
Seoul, Korea

 TEL : +82-2-940-2753
CEL : +82-10-7618-2076
FAX: +82-2-917-9074

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