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Marc Chamberland MarcChamberland at cmail.carleton.ca
Mon Jul 16 16:03:00 CEST 2012

Hi Regina!

Yes, there is a sine function available for moving volumes. It is called "Wobbling" in the documentation: http://wiki.opengatecollaboration.org/index.php/Users_Guide_V6.1:Defining_a_geometry#Wobbling

Unfortunately, there is no sine to the fourth power. However, you could use the "Generic move" option. See the documentation: http://wiki.opengatecollaboration.org/index.php/Users_Guide_V6.1:Defining_a_geometry#Generic_move

If you feel up to it, though, you could take a look at the source code for the wobbling (sine) motion and modify it to a sine to the fourth power motion.

I hope this helps!



Marc Chamberland, MSc
PhD candidate
Department of Physics
Carleton University
Ottawa (ON)

Le 2012-07-16 à 3:11 AM, Regina Eichner a écrit :

Hi Gate-users,

I am using GATE for PET simulations. And I wanted to know if anybody
knows if there is a way to simulate a sine function or for example the
sin-to-the-fourth-function for phantom or source movement, respectively,
in GATE?

Thanks a lot,
Regina Eichner

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